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Open-ended play is EXTREMELY crucial for early childhood development for so many reasons. It fosters creativity and imagination. Children feel more inspired and they feel like they’re in charge of it with these toys. Open-ended play also strengthens children’s language and social skills. They are more encouraged to speak about what they’ve made and would have a lot more to say because their little imaginations just came to life!

Our thoughtfully-curated play dough kits are one perfect example of open-ended toys. Each kit has non-toxic, homemade play dough and little objects that go with each theme. You’ll be fascinated by what your child can create with these! Our kits are also perfect size to take to doctor's appointments, restaurants, car rides, or playdates!




  • Water beads
  • Tinker kit and tray
  • Felt play Mat
  • Jungle finger puppetry
  • Montessori wooden letters
  • Montessori nature fun
  • Beads, Rocks, Pebbles
  • Jungle coloring book
  • Jungle arts and crafts to last forever laminated for re-use
  • Healthy Snack
  • A lot more fun surprises that will keep your little engaged

Jungle/Zoo/Safari FUNdamental Kit

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Please note:
    Colours may vary slightly to the pictures as each batch is handmade by me.
    This product is made for play purposes only and should NOT be consumed.
    Adult supervision is required at all times when children are exploring with this resource.
    The greatest care is always taken when producing our products

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